S2S Softsys is a Mobile technology based Media Company having customer intelligence driven platform with premier optimization and anti‑fraud technology. At S2S Softsys, we have in-house apps, mobile content offers and programmatic traffic.

S2S have Transparency and Control to maintain Agencies unique instances, Trading with the best practices, premium media buying, data, proprietary modeling and optimization approaches, data-driven and creative services. We make it easy to launch your marketing campaigns.

Programmatic is the future, programmatic buying cover in the entire ecosystem. All our managed inventory we are buying using Programmatic bidder Ecosystem Creating a World Without Boundaries.

We allows you to customize your client campaigns, optimizes every consumer interaction, analyzing millions of potential opportunities per second to determine the optimal combination of audience, media to achieve your marketing goals.

As an independent online media agency we offer an integrated service which includes digital media strategy, planning, buying, tracking, and machine learning analysis for display, mobile, video and social media.

Our services build a crucial link to entertainment and information for mobile users and has continuously pioneered lifestyle changing mobile-based products in Asia, South-East Asia, Gulf and Africa countries. Our contents are being delivered through major networks operating within the region serving more than 100 million subscribers

With our solutions, we aim to achieve constant ROI gain and scalability while protecting against revenue loss and brand damage caused by fraudulent practices. We provides tested campaigns from premium advertisers and safe large volume traffic sources. We believe in long‑term trusted partnerships built on transparency, empowering our clients with in-depth industry knowledge, and using innovative engineering to achieve growth and brand security.